Acknowledging Feelings

It is natural in life to have highs and lows. As I have gotten older I have realized the importance of acknowledgement and acceptance. I can feel however I feel in the moment, but it is important to take a second to acknowledge the feelings (whatever they may be) and think about them. The questions I tend to start with are:

  • What am I feeling?
  • How long have I felt this way?
  • When did this start?
  • Do I know why I feel this way?

Sometimes these questions are really easy for me to answer, but other times it is difficult. Many use the method of journaling or tracking these responses on paper, but I usually take some time to mentally reflect. Noticing the reoccurring trends of my highs and lows can help me to prepare. It is reassuring for me to be able to understand why I feel a certain way. If I have an answer, I can better understand what I am feeling and move on. It is important to know yourself and listen to your body and mind so you can grow.

If I know a low is coming up, I can prepare time alone to recharge or do an activity that will make me feel good. This works for the highs too. If I can anticipate a high, I can motivate myself by looking forward to something positive ahead. When I can’t anticipate these feelings, it is nice knowing I can reflect on them and possibly learn something about myself or others and grow. Acknowledging and accepting certain feelings helps me to stay grounded and move through situations more informed and productively.


I would love to know how others reflect on their emotions and learn to better understand themselves. Feel free to comment below on how you reflect on your emotions!

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