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Oversocializing on Social Media

In this time of isolation and being removed from many, if not all, of your loved ones and those close to you, social media has almost become a necessity in order to connect with them. In fact, you may have seen, or even given, advice on how important it is to reach out and connect with those virtually.


Staying Together, Apart

Like many others, I have been struggling with being away from friends and family during this quarantine. From a family member passing away without a proper ceremony, to loved ones that I used to see at will, to simply missing my friends and social life, I am struggling. 


Social Media Spike

Is it just me or am I going on social media platforms way more than usual? I think this is a trend that I can attribute to the COVID-19 pandemic. Being quarantined, having a stay-at-home-order, and being scared to leave the house leaves me with one thing I have abundantly more of now. Time.


Navigating the Internet with Social Anxiety

It’s not uncommon to be anxious to meet new people or be in a new, unfamiliar environment. It’s also not uncommon to feel terrified before performing something in front of a crowd, whether it be alone or with others. It’s also not uncommon to even feel a little bit nervous meeting people you’re comfortable with and know pretty well.


Curating a Personally Positive Social Media Experience

While it’s impossible to tell everyone that you’re following on any of your social media platforms what they should be posting, it can sometimes be tempting to. This is true now more than ever: there are common themes of the kinds of posts that you’ve likely seen on your feeds, and while some are more helpful than others, it can get overwhelming, stress-inducing, and quite frankly, just not the type of content that you want to see right now.


Mental Health Experts on Social Media

When people talk about social media and its effect on people, it’s almost always negative. Many have mentioned and researched about the effect of social media on mental health: feeling unproductive, worrying about what we said or did online, and experiencing FOMO are just a few of the things that affect us from using social media.