Not a Fan of Cloudy Weather? Reframing Your Mindset.

I grew up in a very sunny area and now live somewhere where it’s cloudy and rains frequently. My mood definitely shifts, especially when it gets cold and gloomy, my energy decreases, and it’s just harder to get things done. I’ve tried a lot of different things are here are the ones that have been most effective.

A light box. I was skeptical at first, but a light box has been super helpful for getting me some much needed light despite the ongoing cloud cover outside. By replicating natural daylight, I can definitely see improvements in my energy levels and ability to concentrate.

Generally getting comfortable. If you don’t like the cloudy and rainy weather that much, really try to do the things that make you cozy. Some people really love to bake in the cooler weather. Put on your favorite sweats and fuzzy socks. I personally love socks that are cotton wool blends because they keep my feet warmer. Light a candle. Take a bath with some Epsom salts or pop in a bath bomb.

One more thing that always helps me is having things to look forward to. If motivation is an issue, reward yourself with your favorite cup of warm tea when you finish an assignment or task. If the weather has been bleak the last week, maybe try looking at next week’s forecast and seeing if better weather is on the horizon. Maybe get some tickets to your favorite band that’s on tour or plan a fun activity indoors (e.g., an escape room or arcade) or outdoors (e.g., a trip to the zoo or mini golfing), if weather permits.

It might still be tough to feel better when it’s not your favorite weather, but hopefully these tips can help bring some comfort.

Do you enjoy cloudy weather? What helps you when you feel gloomy or low? Have you tried these tips before? Let us know in the comments!

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