Which health app is right for me?

Have you ever downloaded an app to help you with your health? What happened? Was it useful or did you end up deleting it when you were cleaning up your phone later?

One problem currently with apps available for download is it can be hard to figure out whether it will actually be helpful to you or not. Apps are advertised and users leave ratings. Which ones show up first is determined by an algorithm – or formula – made up by that specific app search engine (like the iOS app store). Its kind of like healthy diet books. Some of them might have really pretty book covers and claims from famous people that they work – but then you try it out only to find its not what you were looking for.



Myhealthapps.net is trying to provide a solution to that problem. It is a website collecting apps for health and providing information from patient reviewers about what worked for them.

You can browse by health category and see a lot of information about each app including whether it is free and whether the app includes different features like:

  • support to deal with symptoms
  • social network
  • reminders
  • keep track of symptoms
  • self-monitoring

They even have a place where you can submit apps you have found useful too.

If you find a useful app through myhealthapps.net, share with us below!

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