Stop, Breathe & Think App Review

Photo Credit: Stop, Breathe, & Think >The Stop, Breathe & Think App is available for iOS and Android. But what does it do?

The app is another tool to help with mindfulness and meditation. Taking just 5 minutes for yourself, your breath, and your thoughts can be very helpful in creating peacefulness within your life.

One of the focuses of this app is on kindness, which starts with you practicing kindness towards yourself. One of the great things we like about this app is that you can check-in with how you are feeling on the app and it recommends different short meditations to practice with the app that allow you to “stop, breathe, and think” to gain a new perspective on your situation.

There’s also a web based version of the app here which you can use without downloading the app or signing in. Overall we think this is a great resource for people to use.

We think this app is great for anyone because it uses meditations that fit where you are now rather than general meditations.

Have you ever used the app or something else to help you slow down? Do you believe in the importance of meditation? We would love to hear your thoughts or experiences!

Firefly ★

I like to do coloring pages, yoga, and running to help me with my mental health.

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