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      What is good communication ? Well for starters good communication is a conversation brought by two individuals equally contributing. After getting to know someone on a more closer level for 3 weeks, I realized their lack of communication exhausted me. It seems like my friend had no clear response to things. When I talk to people I like to hear their opinions, after each sentence that this person would say it was clear they did not want to share them. Was it a hit to my self esteem .. uh yes . Will I recover? Sure, I guess I have to give it time but rejection it one of the most painful feelings, and it make’s me feel as if I am abandoned once again. I already have emotional scars from rejection from childhood so every time , I get or feel rejected it hits me like a brick wall. My mental health drops, the only way I can crawl my way out of this deep sadness is by talking to myself and telling myself good attributes that I have. I also work on understanding that not everything is “My” fault, not everything is black & white, you never know what other people are going through, so why make a quick judgement, that they act how they act because of YOU. See communication is hard sometimes, it get’s tricky, there’s so many layers. But try not to sink in the layers of doubt , be yourself, be around people who want to talk to you, be around people who respect you.

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      Many times it affects the mood of the other person. The best thing is to always transmit, but sometimes for everyday reasons or because we are like that, we do not transmit or it can be a disappointment. But this cannot be a reason to feel bad, we have to be clear that this is from day to day and we can all have a bad day. You have to be optimistic and see the positive because many and more and more people are more closed, especially with the use of chat and online communication. That it is not bad can be the first step to establish a good friendship and communication, but always better in person.


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