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      Adolescence can be really difficult, and coping with mental illness symptoms can make it even worse. You’re likely constantly comparing yourself to others your age because of things like looks, grades, and social media statistics. Even if you don’t actively seek it out, getting support from those around you to make you feel like you’re doing well can make the hugest difference, especially from your parents and other supportive adults.

      Activity: Have a conversation with your parents about the things that make you happy. Try to push yourself and list several things that you like about yourself, too. Ask your parents the following questions, and answer them about yourself as well:

      • What gives you confidence?

      • What kinds of compliments mean the most to you?
      • What’s something you like about your parent? What does your parent appreciate about you?

      After having this conversation, reflect here about how you felt having this conversation with your parent. Was there something you wanted to talk about but couldn’t? Why? You can also use this space to talk about what questions you have about how your parents treat you and how that affects you.

      Check out these articles to get some more info  about how parent-child relationships can affect an adolescent growing up and into adulthood:

      When you Don’t Feel Supported by Your Dad

      Coming to Terms with a Fractured Parent Relationship

      “Lady Bird” and Moms

      As a reminder, please make sure to stay anonymous. Please do not share any information which can identify you like: your name, where you live, your contact information, or other personal details.

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