Quarantine and Depression

My depression and anxiety have lowered during quarantine, but for some of my friends it has increased. For me, the pressure of seeing friends, going out to public places, awkward small talk, is all being avoided with the help of COVID-19.

This is a blessing in disguise for me but for others its a nightmare. Isolation is scary, and having no one to talk to and being stuck in a house with your family can be stressful. When there is nowhere to go and no one to see it sometimes feels like you’re running out of motivation.

Use this opportunity of having no one around to be you! No one can judge you, and focusing on things that make you happy, motivated and accomplished helps raise your self-esteem, which helps in the long term with depression. Feeling like you’re important and useful during this time is helpful and kind of necessary to stay sane.

Stay safe, wash your hands and keep busy.

How have you been keeping yourself busy during quarantine? Have you used the time to explore things that make you happy? What ways do you think

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