Once Upon a Sad, Sad Girl


Oh once upon a time,

There was a sad, sad girl

Too scared of heights to climb

As wind and thoughts would whirl.

She thought to let life pass

Was not a waste at all

For if you speak in class,

You can’t shrink quite as small


She wonders if she’s enough,

She screams into her pillow at night

She tries so hard to be tough,

But in the end she always loses the fight


Oh once upon a life,

There was a girl so scared,

That mistakes would cause strife

So she just never dared.

This girl had lost her way

Too many times to hope

That if she just would stay,

Talking would help her cope


She thinks that she’ll never win

She gives up when it gets too hard

She crumbles with each reckoned sin

But in the end she’s strongest where she’s scarred


Oh once upon a day,

A girl talked to her friend,

And as they’d laugh and play

She realized time could mend

After she tried and tried

Things started to improve.

And though she often cried

Friends helped her find her groove


She’s learned to put herself first

She’s healed more than she knew she could

She’s discovered that she’s gifted, not cursed

And she’s lived through the bad to see good


Oh once upon a time

There was a sad, sad girl,

But when the pressure climbs,

She just gives it a whirl

Have you had to deal with negative events recently that you had also gone through in the past? Did you cope with them differently compared to then and now? What advice do you have about how to embrace bad situations in the past and cope with them now?

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