Finding Enjoyment in Each Day

When I was in fifth grade, my teacher gave our class a little life tip: find something to look forward to each day. It can be anything from a club or activity you enjoy to going out for ice cream with a friend. My younger self didn’t think much of this advice, but over the years I have come to embrace this into my philosophy of life.


Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed. We all deserve happiness in our lives, and incorporating little things that bring us joy into each and every day can certainly help lead us towards happiness. Knowing that you have something to look forward to can also boost your motivation for the day as you anticipate your happy event. You’ll begin to appreciate these moments and maybe even seek out more ways to find happiness in each day.

Life does not have to be a never-ending cycle of work, worries, stress, and exhaustion. Whether you have a class that you find particularly fascinating or you plan to spend an evening watching movies in your pajamas, practice looking for something in your day that excites and engages you as you do it. You’ll begin to discover that happiness can be found in (the often small) everyday moments, and you’ll get so much more out of the experience once you finally start doing something you’ve been looking forward to.

What are some little things you can look forward to each day?

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