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Attachment Theory

An interesting contributing factor to how adults form relationships with others can be traced back to attachment theory. This was developed by John Bowlby in 1969; he believed that there are four attachment styles:...


Nice vs. Kind

Something that I have realized recently is that although they are typically used as synonyms, the words “nice” and “kind” can carry two different meanings in terms of people-pleasing. The nice individual is always...


Fear of Missing Out

The phenomenon known as “FOMO”, or the fear of missing out, is increasingly becoming more prevalent as social media continues to rule our society. FOMO leads individuals to feel or perceive that others are...


Enjoying Your own Company

This summer has proven to be a challenge for me and my mental health seeing that I had to move to a new town for an internship. Not only is the job itself daunting,...


Sorry that I Say Sorry Too Much

Something that has come from my anxiety and affected my life greatly is my tendency to apologize too much, even in situations that do not warrant an apology. I did not realize that I was excessively doing this until my family and a significant other pointed it out to me. The significant other said that it seemed as if I was weak and self-conscious if I kept apologizing for everything. This was a huge wake-up call to me. It made me take a step back and look at the root of the issue.


Social Media: Fact or Fiction?

I was recently on spring break. I was so excited to be able to take some time off from my classes to see my family, pick up a few shifts at my hometown job to make a little extra money, and relax. I made a grave mistake, however: I decided to scroll through Instagram.