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Understanding When You “Over” Work

To be honest, I think that we all to a degree overwork ourselves in the sense that we focus too much on work, school, or something else that may be our livelihood, and then we lose focus or mental clarity, and then worst of them all produce bad quality work. I’m the first to vouch that the pandemic made me turn to work as an escape, and I thought I overworked before the pandemic, but unfortunately the pandemic made it get worse. I counted during the pandemic eight different jobs & side hustles I picked up and was working at the same time, and yes, the money and experience was great…but was it sustainable for my mental and physical health? NO! 


Stepping Back

I wanted to talk about something that I recently realized other people with mental health issues also experienced. Personally, I know that I always sign up for way too many commitments and responsibilities that, realistically,  I can’t follow through on or complete to the best of my abilities due to a lack of time.


Is Your Schedule Too Busy?

Teens today are busier than ever before. Between school, activities, sports, work, and social events, it seems like we’re always on the go! While it’s good to have a few enjoyable events on your...