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Happiness and it’s Surprises

  Cognitive researcher Nancy Etcoff looks at happiness — the ways we try to achieve and increase it, the way it’s untethered to our real circumstances, and its surprising effect on our bodies. What...


Love Letters from Do Something

DoSomething.org is a social movement site that uses easy steps to help change the world. We recently came across the Love Letters campaign and wanted to share it with you! Love Letters is a campaign...



What does independence have to do with talking to your parent? Its because adolescents have developmental tasks. An example is a baby learning how to walk. Young people learn how to start depending more...


Just Do It

“Those that say it can’t be done, should get out of the way of those doing it.” – Chinese Proverb.


You Don’t Have to Try

Colbie Caillat wrote this ballad about being happy being who you are. What would you tell someone who feels pressure to be someone they don’t want to be?


Be Yourself

Featured Photo Credit: Valeri Pizhanski via Compfight cc What is your advice to strangers? Let us know below!


You Matter

Introducing YouMatter!!!! An online suicide prevention site structured around a blog written by young people around the country who write about their own real experiences and how they worked through them. The site’s main theme...