Author: doodlebug


Together in Loneliness

For anyone who needs to hear this: you are not alone. It’s hard for a lot of people to know that, especially when their mind convinces them otherwise, and if you fall under that spell, do me a favor and read the first sentence again. And again. And as many times as you need until you can feel all of us from SOVA right next to you. We may all be anonymous, but we’re here together to support each other.


Time and Anxiety

Recently, it feels like time has perpetually changed its speed. At one point, it seems like time is passing faster than the speed of light. Then there are other points where it seems like time couldn’t possibly drag any slower. I can’t seem to ever notice it actually change speed, but when I see that it’s 4:30PM on a Monday but I can’t even recall waking up on Saturday, my mind is so confused that I lose the ability to focus on anything else.


2020: The Year of Growth

‘Tis the season for families to come together and for more love than usual to spread across the world… or, at least that’s what’s supposed to happen. This year looks different. In 2020, we can’t see our friends and family in person, and for those of us whose love language is either quality time or physical touch, it’s very difficult to be able to feel loved.