Navigating Relationships

The people we interact with play a huge influence on our mental health. No matter how much we interact with them, how we interact with them, or if we don’t even interact with them at all anymore, anyone can impact us. These articles explore just a few different kinds of relationships and the way mental health is affected by, or affects them.

Family 👪

Coming to Terms with a Fractured Parent Relationship

Coping with Loss

How Siblings Can Affect Your Mental Health

“Lady Bird” and Moms

When You Don’t Feel Supported by Your Dad

Friends 👥

Addressing One-Sided Relationships

The Benefits of Teenage Friendships

I Have No Real Friends: A Lie My Depression Tells Me

Reciprocated Friendships

When You’re Friends with Both Parties of the Breakup

Romantic Relationships ❤️

Does Your Mental Health Status Affect Your Relationships?

Long Distance Relationships

Signs You Are In an Abuse Relationship

When a Toxic Relationship Comes to an End

Social Media 📱

Grieving an Unfollow

Helping Online Friends

Staying Together, Apart

YouTube, YouTubers, and Relationships