Mental Health for Marginalized Communities

There are a number of reasons why marginalized communities, whether it be by race, socioeconomic status, being a member of the LGBT+ community, or any intersection, have less access to mental health resources. If you are a member of a marginalized group or want to learn more, we hope these articles explain how depression and anxiety affect these groups differently.

Resources and Getting Treatment 💻

Asian American Mental Health Resources

Finding a Therapist Who Relates to You

Mental Health Resources for Black Youth

Podcasts about Black Mental Health

The Struggle in Finding Treatment for POC

Education about Mental Health and Marginalized Communities 📚

Black Adolescents and Stereotype Threat

A Minority in Mental Health: Asian Americans

Multiple Selves, LGBTQ+ Youths, and Social Media

Police Killings Hurt Mental Health in Black Communities

The Power in a Name

QPOC and Social Media

Queer Adolescents of Color