Staying Positive With Activities


Sometimes, it can be difficult to stay positive during everything. After 2020, many people have been feeling down. Covid-19, politics, hormones, the list goes on. Despite this however, keeping spirits high can have a big impact on your health, mentally and physically. One way people keep positive is by keeping a hobby. This post will list the benefits of a hobby, help you find one, and it list some examples.

Benefits of a Hobby

A hobby is an activity done for someone’s own enjoyment, typically in their free time. One reason to get a hobby is for health reasons. A 2003 experiment was conducted, and they found a connection between happiness and strong immune systems. No matter what type of hobby you take up, it can make your health better. Taking up hobbies that keep you relaxed, happy, and pleased can increase your immune system, and make you less susceptible to diseases like colds. Hobbies such as gardening, yoga, and dancing can keep you active while you have fun. No matter what type of activity you take up, having fun or staying active can improve your body and mind.

Finding a Hobby

Many types of hobbies exist in the word. Basketmaking, swimming, photography, and painting just to name a few. Despite the large number of things to do, you might not enjoy them all. There are multiple types of learners such as auditory, visual, and hands-on. Because of this, some hobbies can relate to learning styles. For example, visual learners are more likely to enjoy drawing and animating. Meanwhile, they might not enjoy woodworking or debating (but they could!). Think about how you learn best. Do you prefer to listen to the speaker, read a textbook, do an activity, etc. Overall, just think about what you enjoy doing, or think that you might like. If you are having trouble, below are some hobbies that I myself enjoy.

Hobbies I Enjoy

red origami dragon on yellow and blue floor

In case you are struggling to think of ideas, here are a couple of hobbies that I enjoy doing (they might end up helping you!). One thing I enjoy doing is origami. There are multiple skill levels of it from butterflies to complex geometry. I really enjoy the focus put into it, trying to get good creases and seeing the finished product. The only downside I found is finding the right type of paper, but you can probably find it online, or in a hobby store. Another one I enjoy is drawing with a pencil and paper. It seems calming to me, drawing things I see around me or characters from TV. A downside of this is feeling like the drawings aren’t what you had in mind, but they get better the more you practice and learn. The final hobby I have (that I’d like to discuss) is video games. They can be quite enjoyable and calming at times. A downside is the cost, and sometimes getting a bit frustrated.


Not all hobbies need to be frustrating, expensive, or boring. They just need to be enjoyable and/or pleasurable to do. They have multiple benefits on your health. Because of how many there are, at least one of them is for you. Next time you have some free time in your day, consider taking up a hobby, or just doing something that you enjoy.

What are some hobbies you enjoy? How did you discover these hobbies? Feel free to share in the comments!

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