Getting Out of Your Head!!

Recently, I’ve felt pretty bogged down by life. I’ve been crazy busy with school and work and extracurriculars and sometimes it feels like I’m simply drowning in to-dos. It felt like I was in a rut where I would go through my daily routine without enjoying it or having any time to myself. Of course journaling helped a little, but I eventually turned to what has never failed me when I’m down: music

As a student, I spend a decent amount of time walking between classes and to other places on campus. Sometimes these commutes can feel incredibly long with the cold weather and my backpack heavy on my back, especially going up hills. I was sick of spending so much of my time trudging to class, so I decided to listen to music on my way to class and see if anything changed. I’ve been listening to upbeat music and I feel so much better. I arrive to class excited and ready to learn, not ready to collapse. Now, I look forward to my walks because I get to listen to the music I love. 

But it gets better! Music is also a way for me to connect to others. Nothing bonds people together quite like a shared taste in music. And my love for music led to one of my favorite memories so far this year- a concert! When I saw that King Princess, one of my favorite artists was coming to my city, I was determined to see her, but I had no one to go with. I didn’t want to go alone, but I bought a ticket and figured I’d find someone to go with later. And I did. My friend’s roommate was in a similar situation and we decided to go together even though we had only met in passing. 

The concert was amazing! It’s one thing to listen to music on your own, but to be there appreciating it with thousands of other fans is something that cannot be matched. Going to the concert reminded me that there’s a whole big world outside of school and work, and it helped me get out of my head. I also made a friend that night! 

My advice is to find something you love and really dig into it. I was scared to step out of my comfort zone and go into the city for the concert, but I had a fantastic time. Find people who love the same things as you and go out and experience things. You’ll never regret trying something new!

What music do you listen to to boost your mood? What are your favorite types of music? In what ways has music helped you?

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