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Major in Social Media?

One college in New Jersey is opening a center for social media study and will be offering a business degree with a concentration in social media marketing. New programs like these are suggesting that...


Pan-sexuality as an Idenitity

Miley Cyrus made news and social media  headlines awhile back by announcing that she identifies as pansexual.  If you haven’t already looked it up, pansexual is described as “a sexual identity along with bisexual,...



    Have you seen this inspirational video where a man does little things that give back to his community in a big way? How do you feel when you are able to help...



Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder. –Rumi Let us know what this quote makes you think about in the comments!


Need a minute?

Are you feeling especially anxious or sad today but can’t get away from a screen? Try going to and taking a minute for yourself. What do you do when you’re feeling especially anxious?...